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The most spectacular landscapes in Albania


A trip to Albania holds many surprises … The former communist country is full of unusual landscapes. Here is our Top 13 of the most beautiful panoramas in the country.



Karavasta Lagoon

The Karavasta lagoon is the largest lagoon in Albania and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The Karavasta lagoon has many pine forests and small sandy islands. This natural site shelters 5% of the population of Dalmatian pelican, a rare species.

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The Blue Eye

The famous Albanian blue eye is a source of water and a natural phenomenon that every visitor should witness. A popular tourist attraction, the beautiful clear turquoise river amazes with its beauty.

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Gjipe Canyon

Gjipe beach is simply incredible. Tranquility is the watchword.

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Zvernec Island

The island of Zvernec is one of the two islands in the lagoon from Narta to Vlora. . The island is also home to the historic Church of Santa Maria. Access to the island is via a wooden bridge, which offers spectacular views of the lagoon

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The Albanian Riviera

Albania offers a surprising Riviera and offers travelers heavenly beaches. This magnificent coast where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet

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Komani Lake

A must in Albania is a superb three-hour ferry ride across the vast Koman Lake, connecting the cities of Koman and Fierzë. Koman Lake was created in 1978 when the Drin River was barred, allowing you to cross sumptuous mountain landscapes

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Bovilla Lake

Lake Bovilla is one of the most amazing hidden gems in Albania. This reservoir supplies most of the drinking water to the capital of Albania, Tirana. Located about 15 km from the capital of Albania, the place is very accessible.

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The Albanian Alps

The Albanian Alps are one of the most attractive and fascinating regions of the country. A real hidden treasure that requires the care and protection of everyone.

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Permet region

Lets is essential in Albania thanks to its small churches, its hikes, its rafting descents on the Vjosa, and its good restaurants, the region has recently started to develop one of the best offers in terms of ecotourism in the country.

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Cape of Rodon

Cap de Rodon is a site of exceptional natural beauty, beaches conducive to relaxation in a seaside setting comprising castles and churches steeped in fascinating stories.

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Skadar Lake

Skader Lake The largest lake in the Balkans is shared between Montenegro and Albania. On the Montenegrin side, an area of ​​400 km2 has been protected by a national park since 1983; Today Skadar is recognized as one of the best bird habitats in Europe. It is a wonderfully pretty region that includes rugged mountains, island monasteries, clear waters and floating meadows of water lilies

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Ohrid lake

Lake Ohrid straddles the mountainous border between southwestern North Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe, with a unique ecosystem in the world, with more than 200 endemic species.

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Sotira Waterfall

The Sotira waterfall is certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Albania. Sotira waterfall is located south of the village of Gramsh, at the foot of Tomorri mountain

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