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Winter Bucket List: 7 days – 7 activities for the perfect winter vacation in Kosovo!

Discover beautiful white landscapes, the bare trees, and the frozen lakes giving a whole new charm to the region, offer optimal conditions to engage in winter sports. Here, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and paragliding mingle with the beautiful scenery making the country a magical destination for winter vacations.

For a perfect winter vacation in Kosovo, Breathe In Travel has put together for you a list of 7 activities to do.


Skiing in Brezovica

Very popular and full of charm, Brezovica is a unique ski resort located about 1.5 hour’s drive from Pristina and only a few kilometers from the border of Macedonia. Although its lifts are not the most up to date facilities, some progress have been made and the resort is a interesting playground for adventurous skiers and snowboarders.
The summit of Brezovica is the Black Rock peak. Its ascent will take about 3.5 hours. . Open from November to May, ski passes cost between 20 to 102 euros per person. You can also rent skis or snowboards for 5 to 10 euros per day – an ID is required.

Interesting fact: The center of Brezovica was built in 1954 at the time when leisure tourism in Yugoslavia began to expand, thanks to huge investments in the construction of vacation and leisure resorts affordable to the working class. However, the ski resort in itself was only built in 1984 to become the back-up ski resort for the Winter Olympics that took place in Sarajevo.



Ski touring in Prevalla

About ten kilometers away from Brezovica is a small touristic village ideal for ski touring: Prevalla. This small hamlet, surrounded by a large forest, is located in the Šar Mountains at an altitude of 1,515 meters. Its breathtaking scenery, fresh air, fauna and flora make it the perfect place to recharge your batteries. On skis or snowshoes, you can also do the Prevalla – Oshlak hike, a moderate hike starting from Prevalla. The Oshlak mountain offers a breathtaking view of the Šar mountains, the city of Prizren, the Pashtrik mountain, and the Black mountain. The highest peak is 2,212 meters above sea level and the total distance is 12 km.

Interesting fact: Many hostilities took place on Mount Pashtrik during the Kosovo war in 1999.



ClimMount Gjeravica

Hiking lovers and adventurous travelers, you will love the spectacular panoramic view that Mount Gjeravica offers. At 2,656 meters above sea level, Gjeravica is the second highest peak in Kosovo and the second highest peak in the Prokletije mountain range, also known as the Albanian Alps. The mountain is located in western Kosovo, in the municipality of Junik. There are several ways to reach the summit: you can start from Junik, from Deçan – a small town near Peja – or from Debërdol.

Interesting fact: Mount Gjeravica was considered the highest point in Kosovo, until the discovery of Velika Rudoka – 2,660 meters, in the Šar Mountains in 2011.



Skiing and snowshoeing in Bogë

 If you like peaceful and quiet places, then you will enjoy Bogë. Bogë is a small mountain village located in the northwest of Kosovo in the Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park, also called the Accursed Mountains.

This tiny village of about 30 inhabitants also acts as a ski resort : it has a ski lift of about 1 kilometer. Bogë is small but has plenty to offer: between hiking, skiing, sledding, and breathtaking landscapes you will not be bored.

Good to know : Bogë is a nice place to rent a mountain cabin for a few days. It is sometimes possible to find cabins for 25 euros a night.



Have a walk in the beautiful Rugova valley

Magnificent, magical, spectacular, are all adjectives describing this treasure of Mother Nature that is Rugova. The Rugova Valley or Rugova Canyon is located near Peja, in the west of Kosovo on the Montenegrin border. Its length of 25 km makes it one of the longest and deepest valleys of Europe. Declared a Protected Nature Monument in 1988, the Rugova Valley is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country. Because Kosovo is still an underexplored country, this rich natural site is completely untouched. Place of nature and culture, its forests, waterfalls, glacial lakes, mountains and rivers will amaze you both in summer and in winter!

Interesting fact : The Rugova valley was for a long time the only crossing point between Kosovo and Montenegro.

Rugova Valley


Paraglading with Ardall Celina

Skiing and hiking are not really your cup of tea but you still want to enjoy the unique charm of Kosovo ? Go paragliding ! This activity will allow you to admire a marvelous view of Prizren, Istog, Pristina or Peja, while combining indescribable adrenaline and unforgettable experience. No previous training is required as you will fly with Ardall Celina, a certified pilot.

The price is about 70 euros for 30 minutes.

Paraglading Kosovo


Prizren Under the Snow

Prizren, cultural and historical capital of Kosovo. Surrounded by mountainous landscapes, discover the old Ottoman center of the city where the Lumbarhi river passes..Its cobbled streets and tea rooms in the old bazaar give Prizren a unique Ottoman charm. You will visit three nearby religious enclosures: the Sinan Pasha Mosque, the Saint George Orthodox Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Also visit the Albanian League of Prizren, the first league for the defense of Albanian rights established at the end of the 19th century.


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Article made by Julie Aubry.

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