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Your Trip in Bulgaria

In the south-east of Europe, bordered on the east by the Black Sea, Bulgaria is appreciated by tourists for its seaside resorts, including the festive Varna. It also attracts hiking lovers for its natural environment, lakes, forests and mountains combined. Its capital, Sofia, rich in historical monuments shelters jewels of which the cathedral Saint-Alexandre or the National Museum of History. To this are added major vestiges such as the Roman amphitheater of Plovdiv which dates from the 2nd century. This destination is also characterized by its location between Europe and the Middle East,

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Travel ideas in Bulgaria

Come travel to Bulgaria, discover our suggestions before planning the trip of your dreams.

The 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria

A new getaway destination

For centuries Bulgaria has witnessed a turbulent history with many empires claiming the country, but with the departure of communism the country has since grown to embrace its tourism with new energy and dynamics. Bulgaria certainly lives in the shadow of Turkey and Romania, but the country is full of many surprises! Discover a culture and traditions rooted in society, unspoiled nature and far from mass tourism, a warm population makes this country very authentic!

A natural Eden

Visitors can embrace a very diverse selection of natural wonders: from mountains shrouded in mist to ancient forests, glacial lakes and caves; huge rocks arranged by the gods of folklore; and well-preserved ecosystems of flora, fauna and fauna. A perfect natural heritage for lovers of hiking in summer or skiing during winter

A cultural heritage

Contemporary Bulgarian culture is a living blend of millennial folk traditions and a more formal culture that played a vital role in the emergence of national consciousness under Ottoman rule and in the development of a modern state. Bulgaria has known the passage of many ancient civilizations – Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Protobulgians which left on these lands exceptional historical and architectural sites.

10 UNESCO sites

The UNESCO World Heritage sites are among the most attractive tours for tourists in Bulgaria. While some of them are well known and loved by thousands of people every year, a few of the sites are surprisingly somewhat off the beaten track and far from the traditional tourist regions. A rare chance to see another side of Bulgaria and be amazed!

The place to be if you like partying

Bulgarians are famous for having fun and partying! The country offers many options for partygoers with a wide range of musical styles, clubs and festivals! Indeed, you’ll find everything here from chic piano bars to laid-back pubs and loud rock clubs to bustling nightclubs. Dancing and having fun is mandatory. And you won’t have to worry about the party ending at midnight either, as Bulgarian clubs stay open all night. The big cities, the sea and the ski resorts are the biggest centers of entertainment in the country.

What to see in Bulgaria ? 

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Prepare for your departure to Bulgaria

Discover the essential information and all our advice on Bulgaria in order to prepare your trip in optimal conditions!

You will like

  1. Bulgarian Black Sea beaches
  2. Rila monastery
  3. The historic town of Veliko Tarnovo
  4. Veliko Tarnovo, the great city of the tsars
  5. The Bulgarian wine tradition
  6. Thracian tombs
  7. Plovdiv, European capital of culture

When to go

You can visit Bulgaria all year round as it is a country with a Mediterranean climate. The high season begins between April and May and ends in November, when the cold begins to settle.

Entry formalities

Nationals of the European Union only need a valid identity card or passport for any stay in Bulgaria. If you are going to Bulgaria by car, you will need to take out border insurance, going through customs. This sticker must be affixed to your windshield.

Canadians will need to present a valid passport at least three months after the departure date. At customs, you may be required to present the return ticket as well as proof of medical insurance valid in the EU. No visa is required for stays of less than 3 months.

For more information, visit the Canadian government website.


For Europeans, your medical expenses can be covered upon presentation of the European vital card. For all trips to Bulgaria it is necessary to update the DTP and pertussis vaccine. Avoid drinking tap water and prefer to use bottled water instead.

Plane ticket

Depending on the season, a flight between Paris and Sofia can cost between 160 € and 500 €. The prices can vary according to the reservation deadline but also according to the company you select.

Jet lag

There is an hour difference between France and Bulgaria. When it’s 12 p.m. in Paris, it’s 1 p.m. in Sofia.


The official language is Bulgarian, but other languages ​​are also widely used such as Turkish, Russian, English and German.

Address and useful numbers

French Embassy in Bulgaria

27-29, rue Oborichté1504 Sofia

(00) 359 2 965 11 00

Embassy of Bulgaria in France

Consular functions provided by the Embassy

1, avenue Rapp 75007 Paris

Traffic police: 165

Police: 166

Bulgarian Samu: 150

Telephone and internet

The country code for Bulgaria is 359. To make calls to France, you can use the payphones in the Post Office. This will save you from buying a phone card.

Wifi is now present in more and more hotels, bars and restaurants across the country. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble logging in.


The electrical outlets used in Bulgaria are the same as in France. You will therefore not need an adapter.

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