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Your Trip in Kosovo

Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, this landlocked country is one of the region’s hidden gems. However, in recent years, Kosovo has automatically been associated with the last war. Yet the country has a lot to offer. You can discover rolling hills, lush forests, meadows, high snow-capped peaks and charming old towns like Prizren, the historic capital of Kosovo. The people of Kosovo are particularly proud of their hospitality and traditions. Guests are often treated with the highest honors. Kosovo notably offers some of the most incredible natural landscapes in the region.You can discover Rugova Gorge, a spectacular natural region or go to Gjeravica for a wonderful hike to the highest peak in Kosovo, through numerous glacial lakes.

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The 5 reasons to visit Kosovo

You dream of an unusual destination far from the crowds, still neglected by mass tourism … Kosovo is the continent’s most atypical European destination, but maybe not for a long time! Here are our 5 reasons to discover this country!

Because Kosovo is not what you think!

It’s no surprise that Kosovo is not on your bucket list! However, the country is full of many surprises, between the hospitality of the local population, the still virgin nature, the rich and unknown history in Europe, the country offers countless assets. Kosovo is the most unknown and least visited country in Europe, you have to come and visit Kosovo very quickly.


Understand the complexity of the previous Kosovo War.

Kosovo is still associated with the last war which took place in the late 90s. The conflict is often explained in a simplistic way in Western countries … By going to Kosovo, you would realize the complexity of the war between the Albanians and Serbs and the current situation, indeed the country must perpetually fight for its international legitimacy.

Discover Prizren, the cultural capital.

Dotted with minarets and bell towers and picturesque architecture, Prizren is undoubtedly one of the prettiest towns in the Balkans. With one foot firmly anchored in Europe and the other steeped in Ottoman traditions, the city’s lovely architecture reflects a complex tapestry of cultures and religions. These magnificent streets bear witness to the wealth of past centuries which make them a must-see in the country!

Incredible Hospitality

The hospitality of the local population is in itself a real reason to come to Kosovo. The country is home to one of the most welcoming people on the continent, always ready to help travelers, and  keen to converse about their magnificent country. A trip in Kosovo is to immerse yourself in a different culture!

To be alone with yourself

Go for a hike in the wild mountains of Kosovo to recharge your batteries, the best of stress relievers far from a gloomy and monotonous daily life. No need to go to the end of the world to feel alone in the world, just go to Kosovo!

What to see in Kosovo ? 

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Prepare to leave for Kosovo

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You will like

  1. Prizren, the historic capital of Kosovo
  2. Peja and the Rugova Gorges
  3. The four monasteries listed as UNESCO heritage.
  4. Mountainous landscapes
  5. Gastronomy
  6. Kosovar hospitality

When to go

It is best to visit the country in spring and summer, so you can enjoy the mild temperatures and longer days.

Entry formalities

Citizens of the European Union can enter the country without a passport, but with only an identity card valid for at least three months.


The European health insurance card gives you access to basic services in the country. Otherwise, it is advisable to take out private insurance. The emergency number is 94 for calling ambulances. The one to contact the police is 92.

Plane ticket

From Paris, there are no direct flights, so you will have to make a stopover. The average price for a Paris ticket is around € 180.

Jet lag

No time difference between France and Kosovo.


The official languages ​​of Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian. The Albanian language is mainly spoken throughout the territory, Serbian is spoken in certain villages in Kosovo

Address and useful numbers

French Embassy in Kosovo
76 Ismail Qemali Street, Pristina 10,000, Kosovo
Phone: +383 38 224 588

Embassy of Kosovo in France
7 rue de Monceau, 75008, Paris, France 5
Phone: 01 45 00 02 06

Telephone and internet

Telephone code to call to Kosovo: +383.

The internet is common in the main cities of Kosovo, but it will be harder to find in rural areas.


In Kosovo as in most European countries, the current is 230V. No adapter required.

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