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Your Trip in Montenegro

A small Balkan country, Montenegro has been separated from Serbia since 2006. It offers the same advantages as neighboring Croatia, while being less touristy: lively seaside resorts on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, mountains for hiking and a rich heritage.
The destination offers a particularly rich religious heritage. You will not fail to visit the many churches and monasteries, including the Serbian Orthodox monastery of Ostrog embedded in its cliff, very popular place of pilgrimage

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Travel ideas in Montenegro

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The 5 reasons to visit Montenegro

Montenegro is an incredible European destination, a small country but very rich and diverse,  the country have a lot to offer, like historic towns, paradisiacal beaches and a multitude of sporting activities! Check out our 5 reasons to discover this country!

An unforgettable discovery not far from home

Why go to a distant destination, as for less than 2 hours of direct flight from Paris, you can reach Montenegro. In addition, you should know that Montenegro is not part of the euro zone but does indeed use the euro as the official currency, there is no time difference with France and entry into the territory is carried out with a simple national identity card. And yes, Montenegro is an amazing and easy to reach destination.


A destination preserved from mass tourism

Montenegro unlike its neighbor Croatia is still preserved from mass tourism. The complete geographical picture of Montenegro is wonderfully diverse, indeed, a narrow coastal plain which knows a rather dense tourist activity unlike the rest of the country. Indeed, discover the hinterland, a playground for sports activities in unspoiled nature offering an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Biograd Lake

A panel of diverse landscapes

The narrow 277 km coastal plain is defined by beaches, coves and what is invariably referred to as the only “fjord” in the Mediterranean, the Mouths of Kotor. The seashores, most of which offer excellent facilities for swimming, driving, sailing and almost any water sport, are a mix of white pebbles and in the far south beyond the realm of pirates of Ulcinj on 13 km wide uninterrupted sandy beach. The mild Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the entire coast allows for long hot summers and the promise of a swimming season of five to six months. Lake Skadar, just 40 km from the sea, is the largest lake in the Balkans and rich in flora and fauna. It is both a paradise for fishermen and bird watchers, its adjacent marshes being one of the most extensive in the Mediterranean. The northern region is theatrically mountainous and alpine, with interspersed but fast-flowing rivers in deep and narrow valleys, ravines, glacial lakes and pristine forests and canyons.


Religious culture and living together

Montenegro is a country of three religions of incredible friendliness between different religious communities. This cohabitation between Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims offers a rich architectural heritage throughout the territory, you will find many breathtaking churches and mosques.


To put on your bucket list

Montenegro is a breeding ground for your bucket list. You will have the opportunity to visit the largest fjord in the Mediterranean, the Tara Canyon which is the deepest in Europe. UNESCO-listed city of Kotor, Skadar the largest lake in the Balkans and national parks such as Durmitor or Biogradska.


Slavic hospitality

Montenegrins have mastered the art of hospitality especially if you jabber a few words of Montenegrin when you strike up the first discussion! The Montenegrins will share with you their good humor and their humanity in order to make you experience unique moments within the country.



What to see in Montenegro ? 

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Prepare for your departure to Montenegro

Discover the essential information and all our advice on Montenegro in order to prepare your trip in optimal conditions!

You will like

  1. The bay of Kotor
  2. Durmitor National Park and Biogradska
  3. Ostrog monastery
  4. The Montenegrin Riviera
  5. The ancient cities, Kotor, Perast, Budva or Sveti Stefan

When to go

In the mountains snow can be present from October to June, so if you want to hike, bring good equipment. In summer, the climate is pleasant in the south along the Adriatic coast and temperatures can rise very high, up to 35 ° C. If you are a winter sports fan, Montenegro is a great destination from December to April.

Entry formalities

Europeans will only have an identity card or passport for a stay of less than 90 days in Montenegro. If you live with a local, you will have to register with the local police station.

Canadians will not need visas anymore, just a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from the country. At the entrance you will have to stamp a stamp of entry into the country as well as an exit stamp on your passport.

For more information you can consult the government website.


There are no specific recommendations for a stay in Montenegro. However, be careful not to be in too much contact with poultry and to eat raw or undercooked food.

Plane ticket

A return trip to Montenegro costs around 400 € depending on the season and the company used. The reservation period also plays an important role in the price of the ticket.

Jet lag

There is no time difference between France and Montenegro. The summer / winter time change takes place on the same date.


The official language is the Montenegrin language which comes from the Ikavian dialect.

Address and useful numbers

French Embassy in Montenegro

Atinska 35
81000 Podgorica

Embassy of Montenegro in France

216, boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 Paris

Police: 122

Firefighters: 123

SAMU: 124

Telephone and internet

The telephone code for Montenegro is 382 or 381. If you have an international subscription you will have no problem making calls, but for the others, beware of the additional costs!

There is no problem to access the internet in Montenegro, in cafes in seaside resorts wifi is very often available.


The sockets are the same in France as in Montenegro, you will not need an adapter.

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