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Discover Macedonia, with a rich civilization and culture, a unique history and several UNESCO World Heritage sites, has encouraged me to work in this area for more than 3 years. I will show you the unique beauty of this Balkan country: its distinguished architecture, its climate, its attractive nature, its wide variety of landscapes, its hospitable population and many other tourist attractions.

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You will like

  1. The town and lake of Ohrid classified as a UNESCO heritage
  2. The three national parks of Galicica, Mavrovo and Pelister
  3. Savor local gastronomy and wine
  4. The multitude of sports activities
  5. First-rate historical and religious heritage

When to go

It is best to visit the country in spring and summer, so you can enjoy the mild temperatures and longer days.

Entry formalities

Citizens of the European Union can enter the country without a passport, but with only an identity card valid for at least three months.


The European health insurance card gives you access to basic services in the country. Otherwise, it is advisable to take out private insurance. The emergency number is 194 for calling ambulances. The one to contact the police is 192.

Plane ticket

From Paris, tickets can be found for around 200 euros round trip if you buy in advance, however, it will require a stopover. If you buy them at the last minute, it will be a little more expensive: around 300 euros.

Jet lag

No time difference between France and Macedonia.


The official language of Macedonia is Macedonian, spoken by around 2 million people worldwide. It has great similarities to Bulgarian and Serbian, in addition to being written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The Albanian language is also spoken in certain regions of Macedonia.

Address and useful numbers

French Embassy in Macedonia
Todor Aleksandrov 165, 73-1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Tel: +389 (2) 324 43 00

Macedonian Embassy in France
5 rue de la Faisanderie 75116 Paris
Phone: 01 45 77 10 50

Telephone and internet

Telephone code to call to Macedonia: +389.

Internet is common in the main cities of Macedonia, but it will be more difficult to find in rural areas. Recently, the government made an effort and installed small free WIFI points in rural areas providing everyone (residents and visitors) with internet access.


In Macedonia, as in most European countries, the current is 230V. No adapter required.