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• Paperwork For French nationals: valid passport or identity card with a minimum of 3 months after the return date (for a stay of less than 3 months) You must have a valid passport; otherwise, the traveler must be able to produce a national identity card whose expiry date (as indicated on the back of this document) is actually later than the date of the planned stay.

• Vaccination No vaccination is compulsory, however vaccinations for hepatitis B and tetanus are recommended for long treks in the mountains.

• Currency The use of different currencies is necessary in some of our destinations (Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania), that is why we will recommend the exchange offices where the commission will be the most advantageous. The currencies for the other destinations (Kosovo and Montenegro) do not require exchange because these countries belong to the European Union (Euro / €).

• Equipment A travel book will be provided to you (within 30 days before the scheduled departure date according to the agreement signed between the Breathe in Travel agency and its travelers) on which will appear a list of the equipment that we recommend to complete your stay.

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