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Discover the Highlights Tours of the Balkan region to visit the must-sees of each country. Wonderful trips for a first exploration in the heart of these little-known countries.




Roadtrip & Self-drive

Going on vacation by self-drive means discovering a country as a couple, with friends or with your family in complete independence with your rental car. Thanks to a personalized travel diary, an elaborate itinerary and your booked accommodation, you will be able to leave with complete peace of mind and freedom.

Beaches & Seasides

Conquer the most beautiful beaches in the Balkans while enjoying a range of quality accommodation for a memorable stay. Atypical chalet, luxury hotel with sea view, you just have to choose….



Sport and Adventure

Are you looking for a change of scenery? Discover our sports programs adapted to your level We offer hiking, kayaking, paragliding and other sports activities! Finally, everything is possible especially in the Balkan region.



Top travel destination !


A pure diamond

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The Unknown Jewel of the Balkans

Albania is a unique destination, a step back in time …. A trip to Albania is still very exclusive, few tourists have come to visit this magnificent country … Marvel at the incredible and natural landscapes of Albania!



Dhermi Dean

Bosnia Herzegovina

A stronghold of Balkan culture

Nestled between Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, this small country of less than 4 million inhabitants is a nugget to visit from the former Yugoslavia. Between Sarajevo, Mostar, Pliva Falls and the magnificent walled city of Trebinje, visitors leave in awe of a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.



The Pearl of the Black Sea

In south-eastern Europe, come and discover Bulgaria, an incredible country located in the Balkan region. With a wild riviera, relax on its beautiful beaches or party in Varna! For hiking enthusiasts, a trip to Bulgaria offers you an incredible spectacle thanks to its numerous lakes, forests and mountains combined.

Veliko Tarnovo


A pure diamond

Located in the center of the Balkan peninsula, Kosovo is one of the region’s hidden diamonds. The country has a lot to offer. You can discover rolling hills, lush forests, meadows, high snow-capped peaks and charming old towns.



Rudoca Lake

North Macedonia

The jewel of the Balkans

With its landscapes and wild nature, lovers of hiking and outdoor activities will find something to satisfy their passion, between the mountains, the many lakes, rivers and forests.

For those who prefer cultural and heritage discoveries, there is also plenty to do with the many monasteries, churches, mosques, archaeological sites and villages of character.



At the heart of unspoiled nature

The destination offers a particularly rich religious heritage. You will not fail to visit the many churches and monasteries, including the Serbian Orthodox monastery of Ostrog embedded in its cliff, a very popular place of pilgrimage. The coast, very jagged, alternates between cliffs and sandy or pebble beaches. The country’s must-see is the Bay of Kotor and its UNESCO-listed town, a visual blessing for visitors.


Popular Tour Packages

The Breathe in Travel team is delighted to welcome you by offering new tours across the Balkans. Still little known to the general public, we suggest you to discover countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro. We seek to highlight the different cultures, traditions, and local specialties of each country.

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  No need to be a history buff to be amazed by Albania’s archaeological and historical sites. With its rich heritage of sites dating back to the Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman periods – some of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list – you are in for a true journey through time. #1 […]
Albania Coffee
When it comes to Albania, it is more often its history, beautiful beaches or breathtaking landscapes that come to our minds, but very rarely coffee. And yet this drink is an integral part of Albanian culture! With 654 coffeehouses per 100,000 inhabitants, Albania is the world leader in the number of coffeehouses per capita. From […]

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