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These general conditions of sale, travel and contract of the travel agency “Breathe in Travel ” regulate the legal relations between our travelers and our agency for the arrangements and the other services provided by Breathe in Travel LLC according to the code of tourism – Law No. 04 / L-176 – of the Republic of Kosovo Law on tourism – Law No. 04 / L-176 – Republic of Kosovo

1. Obligation of Breathe in Travel 
Breathe in Travel  undertakes to prepare and organize your trip beforehand and to provide you with all the services provided and mentioned in the program chosen by the consumer.
Special wishes such as booking flights which can be taken into account by Breathe in Travel must be transferred by email.
The general conditions do not apply to the sale of air tickets which is subject to the general contract and travel conditions of the respective airlines. Breathe in travel  can in no way be held responsible in the event of an incident relating to the optional booking of your air transport.
When Breathe in travel  provides you with travel arrangements or services from other tour operators or service companies, their own terms of contract apply. In these cases, Breathe in travel  is not your contractual partner.

2. Conclusion of the contract
The contract between the client and Breathe in travel  is established on the final agreement between the two parties via the final validation form sent to the traveler. This must contain the mention “read and approved” by the client to make this contract valid.
Unless otherwise specified, travel documents are issued more than 7 days before departure.
The pre-booking of a stay is valid for 2 weeks. If no confirmation is sent to Breathe in travel  within this period, the arrangement will be sold again without prior notice.

3. Price and payment terms
The prices are in Euros including VAT and, unless otherwise specified, per person in a double room.
All travel arrangements must be paid for prior to departure, the payment terms being as follows:
The payment of a deposit of 30% of the total price of the arrangement when booking;
The remaining 70% of the final price of the arrangement must be paid no later than 30 days before departure;
For reservations made less than 30 days before departure, the arrangement must be paid in full upon receipt of the invoice from Breathe in travel .
If the payment conditions are not met, Breathe in travel  may be obliged to cancel your reservation and charge you the cancellation costs in accordance with section 6, letter b).

4. Changes to the contract by the customer
If you wish to change your trip, you must inform Breathe in travel before departure by phone or email, explaining your reasons and attaching your travel documents.
For a modification occurring after the establishment of the confirmation / invoice, additional costs may be requested depending on the availability of our service providers (see figure 6).

5. Changes to the arrangement and the price by Breathe in travel 
Breathe in travel  reserves the right to modify its offers and their prices. He will notify the customer when booking. Breathe in travelwill then endeavor to offer similar services in replacement.
In certain circumstances, Breathe in travel may have to change its prices, in particular in the following cases:
Insufficient number of registrations for a stay;
Increase in prices from transport companies (due to an increase in fuel prices for example);
New taxes, respectively increase of these (airport taxes, VAT, security taxes, etc.);
Change in exchange rates.
Price increase for an activity, a guide due to insufficient participation.
Breathe in travel  communicates in principle any changes to the arrangement and / or the price no later than 10 days before departure.
In the event of major changes to the program and / or the price of more than 10% of the fixed price shown on the confirmation, you have the following options:
Acceptance of the modification of the contract;
Termination of the contract free of charge within 5 days of receipt of our communication;
Acceptance, within 5 days of our communication, of a replacement arrangement (destination and price) offered by Breathe in travel .
Any silence on your part constitutes acceptance of the modification of the contract.
Any price difference in your favor will be refunded to you within 30 days of your decision.

The agency reserves the right to change prices, without notice, before the start of an organized trip in the event of fluctuation in currency or air fares (optional).

6. Cancellation by the customer
If you wish to cancel your trip, you must inform Breathe in travel before departure by email, explaining your reasons and attaching your travel documents.
In case of cancellation the following costs on the payment paid will be collected by Breathe in travel:
Up to 61 days before departure: full reimbursement of payment made;
60 to 31 days before departure: 30% of the payment paid;
30 to 22 days before departure: 50% of the payment paid;
21 to 15 days before departure: 80% of the payment paid;
14 to 0 days before departure or if the person does not show up on the day of departure: 100% of the payment made;
In case of cancellation of special offers at any time, the full price of the arrangement is payable. The price is equivalent to the price of the agreed arrangement.
The cancellation conditions applicable to scheduled flights are those of the airline and the fare class concerned.
Medical costs at the place of stay, repatriation, theft or deterioration of personal or public property will not be covered by the travel agency Breathe in travel LLC (covered by the insurance of the person concerned ).
It is not possible to obtain a refund for a trip, stay (accommodation), or for services not consumed.

7. Cancellation by Breathe in travel 
Breathe in travel  reserves the right to modify all or part of the travel program or the agreed services (accommodation, means of transport, types of aircraft, airlines, timetables, etc.) if unforeseeable events so require. If necessary, Breathe in travel will endeavor, subject to availability, to provide you with equivalent services.
If the number of registrations is insufficient, Breathe in travel reserves the right to increase the price of the initial arrangement in accordance with the confirmation of the client. If the latter refuses the increase, the agency Breathe in travel  reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than 15 days before departure. Advanced costs will therefore be fully reimbursed.
During stays, Breathe in travel  and / or the accompanying staff may refuse the participation of a holidaymaker in the following cases:
The holidaymaker has not given the supervisory staff their official documents (identity card, passport, health insurance card, etc.);
The non-conforming validity of identity papers (passport – 3 months after the date of arrival in the territory);
The vacationer presents a behavioral disorder considered serious at the time of departure (for example verbal or physical aggression, drunkenness, use or possession of drugs);
The handicap does not correspond to that announced in the registration form and makes travel impossible;
The vacationer has a communicable disease.
Any claim for a refund due to the cancellation by Breathe in travel L.L.C is excluded.

8. Problems during the trip
Breathe in travel vouches for the proper performance of the travel contract subject to section 7 above.
If the trip does not match the booking or if it has serious faults, you can ask the trip manager, the local representative or the service provider to immediately remedy the situation free of charge. If this is not possible, you must request a certificate confirming your claim. You must notify Breathe in travel  as soon as possible (same day or nearest working day).
You have the right to remedy the faults on your trip yourself if the travel manager, local representative or service provider does not offer an adequate solution within a suitable period. Your duly justified costs are then reimbursed
Your complaints and the certificate of your complaint must reach within 8 days after your return to Breathe in travel , by email at the address
In case of non-compliance with the conditions according to letters b), c) and d) above, your claims can no longer be taken into consideration.
The responsibility of Breathe in travel LLC is not engaged in the event of program modifications due to strikes, attacks, coups d’etat, exceptional measures taken by a Government, delay in theft or third parties and significant breaches of your leaves before or during the stay.

9. Interruption of the trip
Breathe in travel  can decide to dismiss a holidaymaker in the following cases:
The vacationer presents a behavioral disorder deemed serious or he presents an unacceptable aggression (verbal or physical);
The vacationer’s behavior intolerably disturbs other vacationers;
The handicap does not correspond to that announced in the registration form or information not mentioned, and which, therefore, disorganizes the stay significantly;
The vacationer commits delinquent acts (drug consumption, kleptomania, pyromania, etc.).
In the event of return for the reasons mentioned above, Breathe in travel  reserves the right to contact the competent authorities for a repatriation.
The related costs are then their responsibility.
If you wish to interrupt your trip for any reason, you cannot claim a refund from Breathe in travel
In urgent cases (illness, accident, death of a close relative), Breathe in travel  undertakes, as far as possible, the procedures necessary for your repatriation. The coverage of the latter and the costs related thereto remain the responsibility of your insurance.

10. Liability of Breathe in travel 
The agency Breathe in Travel LLC can not be held responsible, if any, for the cancellation of trips, changes to the route, delays or the impossibility of providing seats, or facilities for transporting luggage or the unable to provide accommodation. The agency declines any responsibility in the event of alteration or change of any kind whatsoever concerning travel services. Following the acceptance of any reservation, customers are responsible for any increase in charges that may be imposed on them.
1. a) The agency Breathe in Travel LLC (both as far as it is concerned and as regards its own agents and representatives) declines any responsibility for death, injury or damage or loss to persons or property which that they are and however they may have been occasioned.
Breathe in Travel  cannot under any circumstances be held liable for increased costs based on property charges, airline tickets (optional), and currency fluctuations.

11. Customer responsibility
The person traveling with Breathe in travel  must have civil liability insurance in the event of an incident.
In general, material and / or bodily damage caused by the inadequate behavior of a vacationer as well as his repatriation and the costs relating thereto are the sole responsibility of the latter.
As part of the sports activities offered by providers of the agency Breathe in travel (kitesurfing, paragliding, diving), holidaymakers assume sole responsibility and incidents that may occur during the activity.

12. Reservation form
The customer is required to complete the booking form in a precise and complete manner, indicating in particular any possible health or handicap problems that may have an impact on your trip (allergies, cardiac and / or respiratory problems, physical handicap, etc.)
Please note: it is imperative that the general state of health is good in order to participate in a group trip with supervision.
Breathe in travel  may interrupt a holidaymaker’s stay at any time if any information is not on the registration form or if it turns out that it is incorrect.
Breathe in travel. declines any responsibility for any damage resulting from a behavior or a fact committed by the customer which could have been avoided by an appropriate mention on the registration form.

The contact details of a person who can be reached 24 hours a day during the entire stay must imperatively appear on the registration form.
When confirming / validating the reservation form, the customer is warned in advance and accepts.

13. Official documents, entry and sanitary requirements
Our travel programs mention, for European citizens, the entry requirements and health measures to be observed in the different countries. These provisions are however subject to short-term modifications, we recommend that you inquire when booking about those relating to your trip. Foreigners will inquire directly with their consulate / embassy about the travel documents they must have when entering and leaving a third country. You are responsible for obtaining the required documents, compliance with these regulations and the inconvenience you may suffer in the event of their non-compliance (applicable cancellation clauses or return costs payable by you in the event of refusal to enter a country).
In no case may Breathe in travel  be held responsible for inconveniences arising from the refusal of entry / exit from a foreign country.

14. Medicines
All medicines carried by the traveler must be able to be justified by a medical certificate from an official. In no case may their confiscation at customs be paid for by Breathe in travel
Any injections should be given as far as possible before departure. The injections made during the stay will be carried out by the medical staff of the place of stay at the client’s expense. It is necessary to have a medical certificate for the injection equipment that you take with you, this in order to facilitate customs controls

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